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Established in 1996, Zhejiang Chuangli Automotive Air Conditioner Co., Ltd located in NO.88 guangda street Jinsha Industrial Zone, Longquan city Zhejiang Province. It is a professional corporation who are special in hose, pipe, fitting, finned-tube evaporator, condenser, warm air tank, iron case, plastic case accessory air heater assembly in automotive air conditioner and a series of products related to air conditioner water tank.  The quality management system of our company has been certified to IATF 16949......

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  • 19 2022-09

    Maintenance of automobile air conditioning

    Routine cleaning of an air conditioning system includes replacing the filter element, using detergent and removing it for cleaning. The replacement of dust filter is the simplest way, low cost but can make the inlet air to keep unobstructed, a little mechanical sense of the owner can do their own cleaning.

  • 05 2022-06

    Automotive air conditioning use, maintenance and maintenance

    Choose the right air conditioning temperature. Of course, in the summer, many people like to keep the temperature very low. As everyone knows, when the temperature is too low, it will affect the health of the body, so the air conditioning temperature adjustment must be appropriate.

  • 20 2022-03

    Type of automobile air conditioner

    According to the driving mode is divided into: independent (a special engine driven compressor, large cooling capacity, stable work, but the cost is high, large volume and weight, mostly used for large and medium-sized buses) and non-independent (air conditioning compressor driven by the car engine, refrigeration performance affected by the engine work, poor stability, mostly used for small buses and cars).

  • 02 2021-11
  • 28 2021-07