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Cleaning and anti bacteria strategy of automobile air conditioner
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Strategy for cleaning and preventing bacteria of automobile air conditioner in summer

In summer, it is the season of frequent use of automobile air conditioner. It is necessary to do a cleaning project of automobile air conditioner before frequent use of automobile air conditioner to avoid air conditioner failure and prevent bacteria and viruses from breeding in the air conditioner, which will seriously harm the health of car owners and affect normal use. Beautiful cars will recommend cleaning and anti bacteria strategies for car air conditioning in summer.

Car air conditioners tend to accumulate bacteria

The evaporator and fan of automobile air conditioner are in a closed and dark state for a long time, and the internal environment is high temperature and humid. After the impurities, dust, bacteria and viruses in the air enter the interior of the air conditioner, they adhere to the condensed water and block the evaporator and other components. Over time, a lot of dirt, nicotine, mold, fungi, etc. are adhered.

This situation is mainly caused by the structural characteristics of the air conditioning system itself. The air conditioning system mainly takes fluorine or 134a as the medium and achieves the purpose of refrigeration through the transformation of system pressure. It is composed of evaporation tank, expansion valve, compressor, blower, condenser, drying tank and pipeline. When the air conditioning system works normally, the evaporation tank works in a cold environment, and water will be generated when encountering relatively hot air outside, which is also the reason for designing the outlet pipe in the evaporation tank structure; The humid environment of evaporation tank and ventilation duct and the dust on the surface provide a hotbed for the breeding of mold and fungi.

Enclosed narrow space is easy to inhale bacteria

Molds and fungi will quickly multiply into molds and fungi, producing biological rotten odors. These odors will be mixed in the air conditioner with the opening of the air conditioner, polluting the interior of the whole carriage and often making drivers and passengers feel uncomfortable. People with allergies may feel deeper.

After a long winter and spring, in summer, when we start using car air conditioning again, harmful bacteria will be blown out of the air conditioning and inhaled into the human body in the closed and narrow space in the car, which will lead to various symptoms of "car air conditioning disease"; Every driver should pay attention to improving the air in the car and improving the refrigeration efficiency of the air conditioner.

Mist cleaning air conditioner to keep away from germs

Before summer comes, before the use of air conditioners, it is suggested that car owners clean the air conditioning lines and evaporation boxes, and the air conditioning cleaning methods on the market are foam type and spray type.

The foam cleaning method is to directly spray the foam cleaning agent into the air conditioning pipeline and clean it by blowing the foam and adhering to the dust. However, a lot of dirt can hardly be adhered to completely, and the foam adhered to the wall of the pipeline and easily adhered to the dust, resulting in the two pollution.

Another type of spray is the car air conditioner free dismantling and cleaning technology, spraying the liquid into the air conditioning pipe of the vehicle. The advantage of this method is that the blower can evenly spray the liquid on the place where the blower can blow, and quickly remove pollutants such as dust, grease stain, mold and other pollutants adhered to the evaporator, filter, condenser, pipe and other parts of the air conditioner, so as to achieve cleanliness, sterilization and so on. The purpose of antibacterial is to avoid secondary pollution and form a protective film to inhibit mold regeneration. It is important to form a good habit of using vehicles and maintenance, and the combination of prevention and treatment has the best effect.

Harm of peculiar smell in automobile air conditioner

The smell of automobile air conditioner is not only bad. A large number of experiments have proved that water vapor attached to the evaporator of air conditioner will produce at least three kinds of molds harmful to human health: Aspergillus, negative mold and Penicillium. Although there are few complaints about automobile air conditioning around us, medical tests show that these molds may cause harm to human body in seven aspects: headache, fever, sudden sore throat, tonsil infection, asthma, flu symptoms, dermatitis and difficult wound healing.